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​​​​​​​Styles Boutique Consignment​ 

4701 e tRINDLE rD, mECHANICSBURG, pa 17050 

$50.00 - 5 pc,: 2 side, 1 buffet, 1 mirror and 1 top  lighting piece - see sales associate

Commission Rates:

40% for all items selling under $100

50% for all items selling $100-$249.99

60% for all items selling over $250​, (except Bridal)

50% for Bridal Gowns w/ a 6 month consignment period.

​All items may be discounted at any time.

​​​How to consign


​Intake is limited to 20 items per day

No consignment intake on Wednesdays, Sundays, Black Friday, nor Holidays

We will price your items according to popularity, style, color, size and label.  

Please feel free to assist us with pricing your items!  Your input is very important to us.

Our goal is to sell your merchandise.  ALL items are subject to markdowns and promotions during your 60 day consignment period.  Note:  Bridal may have a 6 month consignment period.

If the pricing department finds defects in your items after acceptance, the items will be donated.   Please check your items carefully before bringing in.  There is a two-step process before tagging your items.  The sales associates will initially check your items for pre-acceptance.  Then the processing department will do a comprehensive check before tagging your times.

A computerized listing of your consignment is available at your request. A list of your donated items beginning in January for tax purposes.

If your item is not picked up within the consignment period, your item will expire and you will not be paid any commissions if it sells. Any unsold items that are not picked up before the end of their consignment period will become the property of Styles Boutique Consignment and may be sold without commissions paid, or donated to our favorite charity.  Please bring your own container to take home your items.  You will be charged a $1 per item processing fee if you pick up your items.  Bridal Gowns have a $10 pick-up fee.

In addition, it is the consignor's responsibility to collect their profits.  No phone calls, nor emails will be sent to notify you of any monies due.  It is your responsibility to contact us to see if you have any funds in your account.  Cash will be given, if funds are available, for $29.99 or less. If the total requested payout is $30 or more, you will be paid via check. Check payouts are sent on the 1st and 16th day of each month.  Requests for a check payout must be received on or before the 10th and 25th of the current month.  Checks will only be sent if the total due is greater than $30.  Check requests for a payout of less than $30 will be charged a $2 processing fee. 

​YOUR MONEY DOES NOT EXPIRE.  Funds not paid via cash or check will be available in your account to use as store credit

PLEASE NOTE:  When our customers stop by, they are looking for fashions that are up to date and current!  Please bring in items no older than three years. 

Styles Boutique Consignment, their owner and employees will not be held responsible for any damage or theft to consigned items. 

You'll need to bring help with you to load your merchandise.  Please bring your own padding, packing materials, rope or tie-downs.  Insurance regulations prevent our staff from securing the load on or in your vehicle.

Any item can be put on hold for 24 hours with a $5 payment.  Full Payment (less $5) must be received at the end of the hold period or the item will be returned for sale and the hold fee will be forfeited.  Hold fee will only apply to the item placed on hold, non-transferrable.

All sales are final.  No returns, no exchanges, no cancellations, no refunds.

We treat every upholstered/stuffed piece with a residue free, biodegradable, hospital grade sterilization product. It is one of the only non-residual products labeled effective against bed bugs, mites, fleas, fungus, and mold. It dries in less than 20 minutes leaving no odor or residue.