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​​​​​​​Styles Boutique Consignment​ 

Styles Boutique Consignment is for sale:

Purchase includes Server Computer with Resaleworld Software and IPAD with Resaleworld Software installed; Tag printer; HP printer; the consignor list; the name "Styles Boutique Consignment"; the websites www.Styles.Boutique, www.StylesMechanicsburg and www.StylesBoutiqueConsignment.com; the email address StylesConsignment@msn.com;

2 Options for purchasing the business:

Option 1:  No out of pocket money payable.  Simply take over all monies due to consignors, plus any store credit on the books.  Also all expired inventory at closing will be transferred to you.  In addition:  all racks, not attached to the walls, available for sale at the time of closing will also be given to you.  Or you may make a $5,000 escrow deposit to stop the sale of any future hardware.  This earnest money will be returned upon completion of the sale of the business or forfeited if you do not purchase the business.  Any displays/hardware marked SOLD is not included in the sale of the business

Option 2:  The business is for sale for $15,000.  Which includes only the Server computer, tag printer, one HP printer, an Apple IPAD, the consignor list, the name "Styles Boutique Consignment", the websites www.Styles.Boutique, www.StylesMechanicsburg.com and www.StylesBoutiqueConsignment.com.

Email:  StylesBoutique@msn.com

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