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Affordable Bridal Dresses

Discounted Bridal Dresses

Sample Bridal Dresses

Couture Bridal Dresses

Designer Bridal Dresses

Inexpensive Bridal Dresses

Cheap Bridal Dresses

​Plus Size Bridal Dresses

  • New and Used​
  • Clean, Undamaged and Smoke-Free
  • Pressed and Wrinkle-Free
  • Current and Seasonal
  • 60 day consignment period for clothing, home decor, accessories
  • 90 day Furniture consignment 
  • 6 month Bridal consignment

Items for consignment accepted

  • Monday - Saturday
  • 11 am until 3 pm or by appointment.
  • 20-item daily intake limit
  • Jan - Feb   =  Limited Intake
  • Mar - Apr   =  Spring items
  • May - Jun - July =  Summer items
  • Aug = Limited Intake 
  • Sept - Oct =  Fall items
  • Nov - Dec  =  Winter items

​Condition of Items



(717) 975-5585

Monday - Friday:  10AM-6PM

Saturday:  10AM-5PM

Sunday/Holidays:  Closed

​​​​​​Styles Boutique Consignment​ 

4701 e tRINDLE rD, mECHANICSBURG, pa 17050 

Affordable Wedding Dresses

Discounted Wedding Dresses

Sample Wedding Dresses

Couture Wedding Dresses

Designer Wedding Dresses

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Cheap Wedding Dresses

Plus Size Wedding Dresses